The Sovietization of Europe and its treatment of political opponents is nearly complete.


I find this fact, that Marine Le Pen is now being charged with releasing the findings of her own mandatory psych evaluation to the public, to be Soviet in its methodology.

This is one of those videos I would ask you all to please spread, and explain to people why this one is so important. Put it in the category of Geert Wilders being criminally charged for having an opposition view to immigration policy. Which is his exact job and responsibility as an opposition politician.

There are many examples of politicians being charged in Europe for criminal offences fro doing exactly what they are meant to be doing and elected to do. But the EU and French government treatment of Le Pen is beyond any flimsy excuse.

All over Europe and the Uk there are thousands of right wing supporters, myself included and we must stand up and come out in support of Marine Le Pen. Geert Wilders. Tommy Robinson and any others that are out there telling the truth about Islam.


                              WE MUST NOT ALLOW THE LET TO WIN.

The Rebel Media spoke truth to horror in Toronto at Sarsour event.


The details are here:

There are more videos on the site which are revealing in a couple of ways at least. The careful way in which questions are answered at least suggests some coaching as the answers are all the same, in video 2.

In video 3, David Menzies quotes Linda in previous speeches and presentations where she is blunt about her ambitions, intentions and desires for all of us in the West.

ANOTHER magnificent speech by Dr. Gottfried Curio of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party on the dangers of Islam to the German people.


Makes it even harder to understand why in yesterday’s elections in Bavaria, although the Alternative for Germany party (AfD) is set to enter the Bavarian Regional Assembly for the first time, it only garnered 11% of the vote. Obviously, Germans have not yet suffered enough from the Muslim migration plague infecting Western Europe.

Express Angela Merkel’s sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU) won 37.3% of the vote and has lost its absolute majority for only the second time since 1962. Political scientist at the University of Passau, Michael Weigl, has said that personal attacks on Angela Merkel by leader of the CSU Horst Seehofer are to blame for CSU’s weak result. Three in four voters who have abandoned the CSU in Bavaria have said they think the party has focused too much on immigration and has neglected other issues.

NO JAIL FOR MUSLIM who exposed his penis to a family with small children on a British Airways flight.


Palestinian-born Muslim, Hatam Hamad, 56, (below) who marched through a crowded plane with his genitals fully exposed and slapped a US TV executive on the chest who confronted him, has been spared jail by a stupid female judge in sharia-compliant Britain.

Daily Mail  (h/t Marvin W) Hamad consumed five glasses of wine and then revealed his genitals on a British Airways flight from New Orleans to London last week. He marched down the aisle  swinging his penis and attacked father-of-two Joel Vilmenay, who was with his wife and young children.
Vilmenay, president of New Orleans TV channel WDSU, then confronted the Palestinian and American dual national – but he ‘responded by grunting’ and exposed himself to another passenger, a court heard.
Father-of-nine and grandfather of 25 who ‘all reside together,’ Hamad, who runs a family gas station in New Orleans, was handed a six-week jail sentence at Uxbridge Magistrates Court on Friday, suspended for one year, after he admitted assault by beating.
Mr Vilmenay, who was not in court, explained he was travelling with his wife and two children, aged eight and five, he had just taken his daughter to the bathroom and returned to his seat.’ ‘After about five minutes a Muslim male came down the aisle directly to my seat where I was sitting with my kids. ‘My daughter was awake and my son was asleep. This male had his penis out and exposed within three inches of my face.

He said Hamad refused to put his penis away and ‘responded by grunting’ before exposing it to another passenger. ‘At this moment he used the back of his right hand and slapped me in the chest with some force. His statement added: ‘At the time I was shocked and felt threatened, I was very concerned for my son, daughter and wife.’
Cabin crews were alerted to the incident on Aisle 23 and were forced to take Hamad to the back of the aircraft where he was guarded for the rest of the flight. Hamad initially pleaded not guilty at an earlier hearing but today admitted assault.
Chair of the bench, Lyn Green said: ‘We’re going to send you to prison for a period of six weeks, however this period of being in prison will be suspended for one year.’ She added: ‘There will be a compensation order for the victim of £600, a surcharge of £115 and costs of £85.

BRITISH Taxpayers forced to fund the £2million-a-year bill to ‘protect’ notorious radical Muslim hate preacher Anjem Choudary, 51, is released from prison this week.


ANJEM CHOUDARY: The 51-year-old Muslim terrorist supporter could be released on Wednesday this week from the maximum-security Frankland Prison in County Durham after serving less than half of his five-and-a-half-year sentence. He was jailed in 2016 for publicly supporting the Islamic State terror group.

Daily Mail  (h/t Marvin W) But taxpayers will be stuck with the bill for funding the huge security operation needed to keep tabs on the Islamic jihadist, according to The Sunday Telegraph.
Choudary led the banned terror organisation Al-Muhajiroun, whose disciples included London Bridge attacker Khuram Butt and the killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby – Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale.

‘SWEDENSTAN’ cancels traditional Christmas concert while increasing promotions for Islamic events.


Sweden’s, and perhaps the world’s largest outdoor Christmas concert “Oh Holy Night”, which traditionally airs on Swedish national TV on Christmas Eve each year, has been cancelled, SVT news reports

Voice of Europe  (h/t Maurice) This is most likely yet another example of Swedish traditions being suppressed in order not to offend Muslim migrants who are offended by Christmas.

Earlier incidents include: Replacing Lucia, who according to the ancient Swedish Pagan Yule tradition always has been a long haired, blonde, beautiful woman, with a black boy.

Putting a woman in a hijab on the annual Advent/Christmas calendar.

Cancelling the traditional student choirs’ appearance on TV at Valborg (Swedish Pagan spring celebration).

Principals forbidding students to wave the Swedish flag on graduation day.

Prayer for diversity at National Day celebration events.

Left-wing Swedes promoting the idea that Sweden’s National Day should not be celebrated, on TV and in national papers.

At the same time Muslim culture and traditions are intensely promoted:

On Midsummer’s Day (Sweden’s most important and traditional holiday) TV4 decided to let a woman in a hijab teach the Swedes how to cook kebab properly.

Ramadan is celebrated with public events in several Swedish cities as well as on TV.

Authorities are allowing Islamic call to prayer (at 110 dB), and at the same time forbidding Christian churches to ring their bells.

Sadly, this is not unique for Sweden. Similar things have occurred, and continue to occur all over Western Europe.

In order to save ourselves we need to start speaking up, and to stop accepting the destruction of our culture, counties and continent NOW. In a few years it will be too late.

Not to be outdone by Sweden, a Netherlands school does this:

Voice of Europe 🌐@V_of_Europe

Dutch school replaces Easter tradition with celebration of Islamic Sugar Holiday 

Dutch school replaces Easter tradition with celebration of Islamic Sugar Holiday

The Theo Thijssen school in Amsterdam decided to replace the traditional Easter breakfast with the celebration during the Islamic Sugar Holiday, newspaper De Telegraaf reports.