GERMANY: “The dangerous Islamization of our country and halalification of our food is going on right under our noses and virtually nobody says a word”

If not for the anti-Islamization Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, the world might not know that there is no assimilation of Muslim migrants going on in Germany, while less than 35% of Muslim migrants who arrived in 2015 will ever be employed and not totally dependent on welfare. Muslims are allowed to live in sharia-compliant parallel communities under their own rules because Islam is totally incompatible with democratic principles.

No one is stopping German food from becoming halal-certified. No one is stopping thousands of Muslims from gathering in public spaces for mass group prayers with the sounds of Arabic praying being broadcast with amplifiers that is audible throughout entire neighborhoods. By the time the average German realizes an occupation force has taken over his country, he will be like the Jews in Nazi Germany in the late 1930’s who convinced themselves that ‘this too shall pass.”


It should come as no surprise that an Israel-loathing, self-hating Jew, who supports Islamic terrorist groups, would choose a Muslim campaign manager for his second run for President in 2020.

Of course, we are talking about the quasi communist and avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, the one Jew in America who actually won the Arab Muslim vote by a large margin in Michigan (home to a huge Muslim community) in his campaign for President in 2016. But Sanders will be 78 in 2020, so perhaps he’ll be gone by then.

Khaled Beydoun


Wait, so a Muslim man is going to head the campaign for a Jewish presidential candidate???!!

That can’t be the case;) Let the cliches and stereotypical analyses begin.

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Antisemite Linda Sarsour with another Jew-hater, Bernie Sanders

BRITISH ISIS JIHADI BRIDE’s reaction to learning she will not be allowed to return to Britain from Syria.


Shamina Begum doesn’t seem upset and says her jihadi husband is from Holland, so maybe she can go there, even if he’s in jail. Clearly she has no remorse about any of the decisions she has made.

Even Home Secretary Sajid Javid, a Muslim himself, doesn’t think British citizens who leave the country to join the enemy overseas while celebrating terrorist attacks on Britain, have the right to be allowed to return and deserve to have their citizenship revoked.

Not surprisingly, Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, an unapologetic Muslim terrorist sympathizer, believes she should be allowed to return.


If you’re sick of living in the ‘multicultural’ West – plagued by creeping Islamization, terrorism, and socialism – consider moving to Japan…

…if you can get into Japan, that is. While there is a sizable Muslim community in Japan, there have been no terrorist attacks, no street prayer, and no privileged minority status for them. Estimates predict that the Muslim population in Japan will decrease in 2030 from what it was in 2010.

What’s more, the Muslims who do live there are subjected to constant surveillance and monitoring. In fact, Japan’s top court has approved the government’s blanket surveillance of its Muslim community. And best of all, the number of Muslim asylum seekers who gain entry to Japan each year can be counted on one hand. As is the case for most foreigners, it is virtually impossible for Muslims to become Japanese citizens

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