Every Western country needs its own Gavin Boby, the British “Mosquebuster” who has been successful in shutting down 70% of all mosque applications in the UK.

A few years ago in the UK, Gavin Boby, an attorney who specializes in planning law, launched a  program called “Mosque Busters,” for which he often works pro-bono to help ordinary citizens demonstrate to their local councils that the building of a new mosque or an Islamic center is actually in violation of British law.

Affectionately nicknamed ‘Mosquebuster,’ Gavin Boby specializes in getting mosque building permit applications denied long before construction ever starts.
Boby wages war against the Muslim blockbusters who build huge mosques (often funded by foreign entities) in non-Muslim areas, which causes non-Muslims to flee and property values to tank, resulting in the neighborhood, after a few years, turning into another Islamic enclave (No Go Zone). “When concerned neighborhoods approach us, and ask for our help, we respond. We enable them to avail themselves of the laws and consultation procedures that exist for their protection. We empower local communities,” says Boby.

Here is a letter from an earlier BNI post about Gavin Baby. This pretty much sums up what happens when a big mosque opens up in a non-Muslim neighborhood:
“I was a resident of a Montreal borough for 16 years.  The borough authorized the construction of a mosque not far from my home. Nobody opposed it but shortly after its construction, all regretted it.
Citizens can no longer walk their dogs without being threatened or having their dogs assaulted on the sidewalks.  Citizens have great difficulty selling their homes and when they do, it can sometimes take years and the price must be lowered considerably.  Parking became a major issue because the side streets are taken up by mosque members.  The mosque now has its own public security directing vehicles on Fridays to the side streets and traffic congests as each mosque member’s car is redirected to any open slot available. Citizens can no longer invite many guests to their homes not only on Friday but also during the Ramadan month since guests have nowhere to park.  The situation got so bad that even the corner Dairy Queen closed down. 
Immediately following the construction of the mosque, the French private Academy school located next door had to sell and it was bought up by an Islamic school.  Many local eateries sold and became halal.” 
Mosques play a central role in the propagation of Islamic political doctrine, which incites behavior that is illegal under British criminal law and human rights law. Local councils are therefore legally exposed if they approve the building of a mosque, and Mosque Busters will help citizens make councilors aware of their vulnerability under the law.
UK Citizens need to check in with their local councils regularly to find out if a request for planning permission for a mosque has been filed. This is public information, and councils are legally required to supply it upon request. If you learn that such an application has been filed in your locality, contact  Mosquebusters.

GAVIN BOBY WINS: So far 37 out of 52

52            WIN – Northampton mosque – N/2018/1322 – planning application withdrawn for a “community centre” on 12th October 2018
51            WIN – Ipswich mosque – 18/00707/FUL – planning application withdrawn for a “community centre” on 11th September 2018
50            WIN – Thurrock mosque – 18/01016/FUL – planning application withdrawn for a “cultural centre” on 4th September 2018
49            LOSS – Reading mosque – 180094 – planning application granted for a “community facility” on 26th April 2018
48            WIN – Newbury mosque – 17/00906/FUL – application for “Non-residential institution/assembly and leisure” refused on 24th October 2017
47            LOSS – Bolton mosque – 95081/15 – planning application granted for a “community and function space” on 29th June 2017
46            WIN – Redbridge mosque – 1144/16 – application for a “place of worship and community centre” refused at Appeal on 21st February 2017
45            LOSS – Blackburn and Darwen – 10/16/1124 – planning permission granted for a mosque (for once!) on 16th February 2017
44            LOSS – Oldham mosque – PA/337605/15 – application for a “community centre” grantedon 22nd August 2016
43            WIN – Coventry mosque – FUL/2016/0051 – planning application for  Community and Education Centre withdrawn on 6th May 2016
42            WIN – Redbridge mosque – 3712/15 – application for a “Islamic community centre” refused on 5th April 2016
41            LOSS – Sheffield mosque – 15/03567/FUL – application granted to use garages as a “community centre” on 24th February 2016
40            LOSS – Wycombe – 15/07336/FUL – application granted to turn The Happy Wanderer Pub into a “community facilities” on 18th  February 2016
39            WIN – Windsor mosque – 15/03789/FULL – application withdrawn on 2nd February 2016
38            LOSS – Bolton mosque – 94882/15 – planning permission granted for an “education/community centre” on 25th January 2016
37            LOSS – Derby mosque – 09/15/01221 – application to convert the Greyhound Pub granted on 21st January 2016
36            LOSS – Birmingham mosque – 2015/08621/PA – application to turn a garage into a “community, educational and prayer centre” granted on 21st January 2016
35            LOSS – Croydon – 15/02448/P – planning permission granted on 18th December 2015
34            WIN – Aston mosque, Birmingham – 2015/07064/PA – application to create Masjid Quba at 147-149 Fentham Road Aston, withdrawn as of 16th November 2015
33            WIN – Merton mosque – 15/P3066 – application withdrawn for a use of garage for “cultural and political” centre on 5th November 2015
32            LOSS – Birmingham – 2015/06416/PA – planning permission granted on 5th October 2015
31            LOSS – Nottingham mosque – 15/01542/LLIS1 – planning permission granted to turn the Fiveways Pub into a “community centre” on  24th September 2015
30            WIN – Bolton mosque – 94537/15 – planning application for a “cultural centre” refusedon 28th August 2015
29            WIN – Durham – DM/15/01844/FPA – planning application for a “community educational, meeting and prayer facility” – withdrawn on 20th August 2015
28            WIN – Woking mosque – PLAN/2015/0490 – planning application for a “Culture and Education Community Centre” (as usual) refused on 22nd July 2015
27            WIN Birmingham mosque – 2015/02374/PA – application for “a place of worship” withdrawn on 1st July 2015
26            WIN – Croydon mosque – 15/01617/P – planning application to turn The Portmanor Public House into “a mosque and community centre” withdrawn on 16th June 2015
25            WIN – Birmingham – 2014/05645/PA – application for megamosque withdrawn as of 18thMay 2015
24            WIN – Redbridge mosque – 2391/13 – planning permission refused for “community centre” on 12th May 2015
23            WIN – Sandwell Mosque – DC/14/57558 – planning application for a “community facility” (what else?) refused on 18th February 2015
22            LOSS – Birmingham mosque – 2014/03089/PA – application for a “community centre” granted on 8th January 2015
21            WIN – Birmingham mosque – 2014/09159/PA – application refused on 5th January 2015
20            WIN – Grantham mosque – S13/2887 – planning permission for a community centre” refused on 3rd October 2014
19            WIN – Redbridge – 3172/14 – planning application refused on 30th December 2014
18            LOSS – Leeds mosque – 12/03250/FU – Application to turn a pub into an Islamic ‘community centre’ – Application granted.
17            WIN – Cricklewood Mosque – Ground Floor, 78 Cricklewood Broadway, London NW2 3EP – application to turn high street shopping premises (“a Library”) into a “Community Centre” – application refused, and Warning of Enforcement Action to be Taken  24th December 2012.
16            WIN – Brent Mosque – 7 Carlisle Road, NW9 0HD – application for a 8,400 sq ft “Community and Education Centre” (ahem) – Application refused.
15            WIN – Chingford Mosque. 90-92 Chingford Mount Road, Chingford, E4 9AA – application for change of use to mosque, and extension – Application refused.
14            LOSS – Sunderland Mosque. Saint Marks Road North Sunderland SR4 7DA – application for 15,000 square foot mosque – Application granted.
13            WIN – Surbiton Mosque. Argent House, Hook Rise South, Surbiton, KT6 7LD – application for 12,500 square foot mosque – refused.
12            WIN – Purley Mosque. 5 Russell Hill Place, Purley, CR8 2LH – application for new 8,350 square foot mosque. Application refused.
11            WIN – 12 East Avenue, Walthamstow E17 9NG – application for mosque extension from 5,300 sq ft to over 9,500 sq ft. Application withdrawn.
10            WIN – Luton mosque. Council decision not to sell development land on the cheap to the Masjid E-Ali mosque outfit – see previous post
9              WIN – Northampton minaret –  application reference: N/2011/0899Application withdrawn.
8              WIN – Kirklees mosque – application reference: 2011/92581. Planning application to turn the beautiful old Jolly Sailor Pub into a mosque. Application withdrawn
7              WIN – Ealing mosque – application reference: 2011/4564: Planning application to turn the sheds to the rear of 387 & 389 Uxbridge Road into a mosque. Refused. No reason published online yet.
6              WIN – Bolton mosque – Application reference 87089/11: planning application to turn a shop (a former pub) into a mosque. Refused on traffic and parking grounds.
5              WIN – Blackpool mosque – 11/0593 – refused planning permission
4              WIN – York mosque –  11/01592/FUL – application withdrawn
3              WIN – Dudley Megamosque – P11/0888 – refused planning permission
2              WIN – Uxbridge mosque – 2011/1383 – application to turn the Irish Centre into an Islamic “community centre” withdrawn by the Applicant
1              WIN – Maidenhead mosque – 11/00565/FULL – refused at planning application – appeal dismissed

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