GUESS WHAT HAPPENS when a leading Western country puts a Somali Muslim in charge of immigration.

With the blessing and backing of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Somali Muslim Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, plans to  increase annual immigration admissions to Canada to 350,000 by 2021…with as many as possible of those immigrants being uneducated, unskilled Somali Muslims who will live off the generosity of Canadian taxpayers for the rest of their lives.

The Rebel  Who cares that just 6 per cent of Canadians want immigration increased,according to an Angus Reid poll from August? Who cares that 90% of Trudeau’s Syrian Muslim refugees don’t have jobs, don’t want to learn the language, and likely will remain on welfare all of their lives? And let’s not forget that the average Syrian is more educated than the average Somali.
Ahmad Hussen says he fights every single day to increase the number of refugees Canada admits…especially Somali Muslim refugees. Gee, maybe he’ll run for Prime Minster next?

Ahmed Hussen could be the most dangerous politician in Canada.

Ahmed Hussen seems bent on turning Canada into the kind of Islamic hellhole he allegedly escaped from, thanks to the growing numbers of violent Somali Muslim gangs who are behind the surge in shootings in Toronto. Apparently, both he and Trudeau share a mutual hatred for white Canadians. Hussen refuses to condemn the brutal, barbaric genital mutilation of Canadian Muslim girls, but has the “courage” to call Ontario Immigration Minister MacLeod “unCanadian” for criticizing the immigration disaster created by his Liberal government.

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