This is what happens when border guards are armed with sticks instead of guns.

The Bosnian-Croatian border is under continuous attack by an armed mob of more than 20,000 illegal alien Muslim invaders, an official tells Austria’s Kronen Zeitung. The border at Velika-Kladusa is only 224 kilometres from Austria and more than 20,000 illegal migrants from non-war torn countries, hope to break through the border and move into the European Union.

Voice of Europe (h/t Maurice) “The majority of them come from Pakistan. And there are many Iranians, Algerians, and Moroccans (none of which are at war or desperately impoverished). Their goal is not Austria,” an official stated. According to him, the illegal migrants want to go to Germany or one of the Scandinavian countries (where the welfare benefits are better).
Also, he added, almost all of the illegal migrants “are armed” as “almost all have a knife”. “The Croats are really trying to handle this alone. They have also positioned Special Forces at the border,” the expert says.  There are barely any women and children in the group, 95 per cent are men and a border policeman has already been stabbed.

“Most of the young men have prepaid credit cards supplied by the United Nations’ High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) and the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF),” the official adds….all of which are mainly funded by George Soros.
 Thousands of migrants have been staying in northwestern Bosnia while trying to cross to Croatia and proceed toward other EU countries.

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