POLAND to become the fifth country to reject the insane UN Global Migration Pact that would make migration to anywhere a “human right”


Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki yesterday revealed that it is “very likely” the country will back out from the Global Compact for Migration. Poland joins the United States, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic in abandoning the plan. making the country the fifth to shun the plan to set international rules for migration in what is a major blow to the UN. Will Italy be next to reject it?

Express  (h/t TherezaB) Speaking at a news conference in Warsaw with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Mr Morawiecki said: “It is very likely that … we will not be part of the global pact.”
Mr Morawiecki said Poland was assessing the pact, which is due to be implemented next month, but added its own migration controls are its priority.
The Polish Prime Minister said: “Our sovereign principles on securing our borders and controlling migration flows are absolutely the priority for us.”It comes after Poland clashed with the European Union over national quotes for asylum seekers earlier this year.

Ms Merkel, who has faced heavy criticism for her decision to allow one million refugees into Germany in 2015, voiced her support for the UN pact that Germany has worked “intensively” on.
The plan, created with the help of Barack Obama in 2016, was initially approved by all UN member states in July, with the exception of the U.S., aims to boost international cooperation on migration.But now it is looking more and more likely, that it will never be approved in December as scheduled.
POLAND has stated countless times, in no uncertain terms, that it will NOT accept Muslim migrants from Africa and the Middle East.


So far, only Donald Trump and Hungary’s Viktor Orban are refusing to sign the UN’s so-called “Global Compact for Migration” claiming that migration is a “human right”

EXCELLENT! Austria joins the U.S. and Hungary in refusing to sign the United Nations open-borders “Global Compact for Migration”

First America, then Hungary, then Austria…NOW CROATIA will NOT sign the UN Global Compact on Migration which opens borders and makes migration a “human right”

AS PREDICTED HERE…now the Czech Republic Prime Minister indicates he also will pull out of the open borders UN Migration Pact

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