PAKISTAN: If the government continues to prevent acquitted Christian woman, Asia Bibi, from leaving the country she will be killed there.

Even small Pakistani children are hoping see the Christian woman hanged, even after the court decided she was falsely accused of insulting Islam.

Darya Safai@SafaiDarya

Shocking video: Pakistani kids hang doll for blasphemy.
Radical Muslims teach their children hatred against other believers and non-believers from early on.
Despite the acquittal, extreme Muslims demand the death penalty for the Christian .


PAKISTAN: Angry Muslims freak out after Christian woman Asia Bibi’s death sentence for blasphemy against Islam is overturned

PAKISTAN: Now that the blasphemy charges against Christian woman Asia Bibi have been overturned and she is free, the government is blocking her from leaving the country after striking a deal with Islamic extremists who want her executed

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