Head of EU Commission very upset over Austria’s rejection of the UN Global Migration Pact that would make migration a “human right”

In that case, Jean-Claude Juncker must be apoplectic   because the United States, Hungary, and Croatia have also given notice that they have no intention of signing this insane open borders agreement, with the Czech Republic, Poland, and Italy likely to follow suit. 

SERIOUSLY? The EU schmuck, Jean-Claude Juncker, who is trying to force this Migration crap sandwich down the throats of every UN member, gets so drunk at a NATO conference in the daytime, he has to be assisted walking. Apparently, this is not unusual for him.

What this corrupt far-left United Nations Migration agreement isn’t telling you:

Vlad Tepesblog


So far, only Donald Trump and Hungary’s Viktor Orban are refusing to sign the UN’s so-called “Global Compact for Migration” claiming that migration is a “human right”

EXCELLENT! Austria joins the U.S. and Hungary in refusing to sign the United Nations open-borders “Global Compact for Migration”

First America, then Hungary, then Austria…NOW CROATIA will NOT sign the UN Global Compact on Migration which opens borders and makes migration a “human right”

AS PREDICTED HERE…now the Czech Republic Prime Minister indicates he also will pull out of the open borders UN Migration Pact

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