DID YOU KNOW that George Soros is providing pre-paid debit cards to illegal alien Muslim invaders from Africa and the Middle East to fund their trips into Europe?

This information all but confirms that the caravans from Central America to the United States are also being funded by George Soros.

Voice of Europe  (h/t Maurice) How Muslim illegal aliens cope financially during their long journeys to and through Europe has been revealed by the Slovenian site Nova 24.
According to the site, UNHCR and the EU, in cooperation with MasterCard and Soros, generously hand out prepaid debit cards to the illegal invaders.

The cards are equipped with both EU and UNHCR logos. No identity documents are required to obtain or use the cards – instead of the name of the cardholder, “UNHCR” and a number is printed on the card.
According to Nova24, the information comes from a source within the Croatian police, which states that the migrants are well-equipped with newly purchased, high-quality boots, hiking clothes, smartphones and even weapons.
The Logo on the man in the white shirt says ‘Doctors Without Borders,’ another George Soros-funded operation
During the stopover in the Eastern European countries, they withdraw cash from ATMs to stock up on supplies. MasterCard announced in 2016 that they issued prepaid debit cards to “give refugees mobility, flexibility and dignity”.
In a press release last year, MasterCard also announced a cooperation with George Soros with the aim to “catalyse and accelerate economic and social development for vulnerable groups in the world, especially refugees and migrants”.

The press release further stated that George Soros had earmarked up to $500 million for private investment that will increase capacity to meet the challenges faced by migrants, including refugees, and their host communities across the world.
George Soros’ ‘Open Society Foundation’ is the major funder of the Muslim migrant invasion of Europe.

ITALIAN TV broadcasts video footage of George Soros-funded ‘Save the Children’ NGO working with Muslim human traffickers.

Breitbart  The television programme, which is hosted on Italian network Canale 5, released the footage which shows what they claim are people smugglers helping a large wooden boat of migrants get to the ship chartered by Save the Children, the Vos Hestia, off the coast of Libya.

The migrants on the boat appear to be clearly Sub-Saharan African, contrasted by the alleged people smugglers who appear to be North African or Arabic. Soros-funded ‘Save the Children’ is one of the few migrant rescue NGOs to continue after the new populist Italian government closed its ports to the NGO boats a few  months ago.
George Soros had penned multiple arguments in favour of immigration, suggesting that Europe should welcome “at least one million Muslim refugees a year and that the EU should create EU-bonds to support attendant expenses. Save The Children, another NGO involved in the Mediterranean migrant shipping, lists among its partners Open Society Foundation, George Soros’s primary NGO.

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