REFUSING TO INTEGRATE…Turkish Muslims in Germany create parallel societies which police are unable to control.

In German cities like Cologne, the nonviolent invasion of Turkish Muslims have caused many German residents to flee. The result? Muslim crime and violence soar and police are unable to enforce the law on a people who think they only have to answer to Islamic law.

Express (h/t CY) NO-GO ZONES are emerging throughout Germany as they have become “lawless” places where even POLICE are attacked as a result of mass migration, according to a report.
In Berlin or in the north of Duisburg, areas exist where police “hardly dare to stop a car”. Rainer Wendt, President of the German Police Union, said: “Because they know that they’ll be surrounded by 40 or 50 men.” Wendt said attacks amount to a “deliberate challenge to the authority of the state – attacks in which the perpetrators are expressing their contempt for our society.”

According to Der Spiegel: “There are districts where immigrant gangs are taking over entire streets for themselves. Native residents and business people are being intimidated and silenced. People taking trams during the evening and nighttime describe their experiences as ‘living nightmares.”
The SUN In fact, it has gotten so bad, that there are plans to allow Turkish police officers to patrol Muslim areas of Germany. And apparently, they already are.
CARS bearing the logo of an elite Turkish police unit have been spotted on the streets of Berlin – but the German authorities say they are powerless to stop them. The vehicles have the words Özel Harekat written on the side and the unit’s logo and were seen cruising around areas of German capital with large Turkish populations.

They appeared on streets soon after the visit of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visit to Germany last month. Berlin senator Hakan Tas, who is of Turkish origin, said he has complained to the authorities about the presence of the vehicles, which has left critics of Erdogan fearing for their safety.
“The idea that these vehicles of the Erdogan regime are now also on our streets and are observing its critics fills me with disquiet,” the Left Party politician told the Berliner Zeitung. “These special forces are known to take care of the opposition in Turkey.”
Tas said he has personally seen the cars in areas where opponents of Erdogan live.

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