There’s a new exodus from France and it isn’t only the Jews this time.


To escape from the disaster of (Muslim) multiculturalism, numerous Western European “refugees” are moving to Hungary, a safe haven virtually free of Muslim migrants. The Dutch, the Belgians, the Germans, and now the French have‘fled from Islam’ to Hungary to set up colonies in the Christian majority country of Viktor Orban.

Voice of Europe (h/t Linda R) The French have become the latest settlers in Hungary, as they begin seeking a new life in the Hungarian capital of Budapest to escape Europe’s mass Muslim migrant invasion which exploded in 2015, after Germany’s Angela Merkel threw open the doors of Europe to all Muslim migrants from African and the Middle East.
The ‘cultural enrichment’ of France has caused more and more of its citizens to seek an escape to the safety of Hungary. This, according to a new documentary, ‘Hungary: The Promised Land’, which aired on French television this week, France Info describes.
The documentary looks into the lives of some of the French who have left France for a new life in Budapest.

Citizens leaving the heavily migrant-populated suburbs of Paris after being assaulted and robbed multiple times, as a young woman named Elsa described: “I think that when you are master of your country, fundamentally, in an era of globalisation, the immigration factor comes into play.”
But she is not alone. The rate in western Europeans, including scores of Germans, flocking to Budapest and other Hungarian cities to seek refuge from mass migration and it’s deleterious effects is on the rise.
Hungary’s patriotic, resolute and principled leader, Prime Minister Viktor Orban made the welcoming speech in 2017 that “We shall let in true refugees. Germans, Dutch, French and Italians, terrified politicians and journalists who here in Hungary want to find the Europe they have lost in their homelands”.
Voice of Europe  It is no secret that Hungary has become one of the safest countries in the world. While Western Europe opened its borders and accelerated its Islamisation during the migrant crisis, Eastern Europe did the opposite.
Western Europe’s governments actively try to cover-up migrant crimes but there’s no denying reality: in a lot of countries it’s a big problem and countries like GermanyBelgiumand Sweden are even losing control over it. The combination of Hungary’s lower taxes and the fact that there are no Muslims are making people decide to immigrate to the country.
One Dutch immigrant family says Hungary’s prime minister is doing a great job: “Viktor Orbán puts Hungarians first and Hungary’s excellent border controls make our fear of terror almost absent.”

According to the family at least three hundred Dutch and Belgians have bought houses near the town of Csemö. “All our neighbours are Dutch and it’s pleasant to have other Dutch people near us.”
It’s not just the Dutch and the Belgians, but also Germans and people from Scandinavia see Hungary as a safe haven within the European Union. “They come from Austria too” the estate agent adds.
A Belgian estate agent says about it: “Two of my clients said that they were fleeing from refugees and that they needed a house in Hungary.” Eight in ten people who call me say that they want to leave Germany because of its migrant policy.

German estate agent Ottmar Heide tells somewhat the same story: Eight in ten people who call me say that they want to leave Germany because of its migrant policy.
With the continuation of Europe’s migration crisis and the return of ISIS from Syria, it is to be expected that migration from Western Europe to Eastern Europe will continue.

Excerpt from Viktor Orbán’s recent speech blaming the far left European Commission for the devastating Muslim migration crisis which threatens European civilization, culture, and Christianity.

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