Ten-year-old Serbian girl narrowly escapes sexual assault by Muslim man from a Serbian refugee camp.

Ten-year-old Nicola from Obrenovac was attacked by a Muslim migrant from the Reception Center for Muslim invaders posing as refugees in this city.

Dnevna Gazeta  (h/t Mili) According to the girl’s mother, she was grabbed around 6:30 PM in front of her house by an unidentified migrant, who tried to sexually molest her.
The girl managed to break away and escape, but was so traumatized, she can’t sleep and has recurring nightmares, reports her mother.

Nicola’s mother said: “Around half past six in the evening I sent my daughter to buy something in a shop that is mere steps from our house. She returned after a few minutes, hysterically crying and with a bloody foot.
The girls said that the two Muslim migrants watched her non-stop and then followed her when she left the store, which can be clearly seen on the CCTV security cameras. Somehow she managed to break away and escape. While running away, she fell and injured her leg, which was bleeding by the time she got home.
The trauma caused her to pee her pants in fear.  She’s afraid to leave the house because she she is terrified that they will attack her again.
Europa.rs  There are more than 550 young Muslim men in the migrant reception centre in Obrenovac. The Government tries to provide everything that migrants may need, including the best possible care and protection. Also, the goal is to control the movement of migrants so as not to disturb the day-to-day life of citizens of Obrenovac.(Obviously, that isn’t working too well)

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