Far Left groups in Germany are claiming that “anti-Muslim rhetoric” is increasingly on the rise. In the video below, you will notice the impressively unsubtle repeated use of the term “far right” (aka Nazi) that major news organizations are calling everyone who doesn’t agree with their pro-Muslim invasion agenda.

An increased presence of far-right populist rhetoric in European politics has recently exposed the rise of anti-migrant and anti-Muslim tendencies in the public sphere.
Speaking to the Turkish publication Daily Sabah, Enes Bayraklı stated that, currently, “Islamophobia” has replaced anti-Semitism.
“Stop the Islamization of Europe” – anti-Islam rally in Berlin, Germany
Despite the fact that “Islamophobia” is considered a hate crime in Europe, “it does not have its own separate category that anti-Semitism has,” says Bayraklı. (Gee, maybe that’s because the Jews weren’t behind an epidemic of terrorist attacks and sexual assaults and weren’t trying to replace European laws and culture with Jewish laws and culture?)
“That is to say, there are no disincentive laws against the commitment of Islamophobia as a crime, a fact which results in the increase of anti-Islamic rhetoric as well as attacks within European society.”
In Dresden, two improvised bombs exploded in the eastern city in 2016, one at a mosque and one at an international conference center.
According to Bayrakh “When we talk about Islamophobia, we don’t talk about religion-based intolerance. It is a form of “racism” that is based on anti-Islamist beliefs. It is anti-Muslim racism.” (Sorry, your continued efforts to try and turn Islam into a “race” just won’t fly)
Stating that Islamophobia is actually a “threat to Europe’s main values,” Bayraklı added that the doors of hatred have opened via Islamophobic attitudes.
Ad campaigns by the anti-Islamization Alternative for Germany (AFD) party now appear everywhere
Germany’s Bundestag, which is the lower house of parliament, agreed to a draft a law last month that will prevent civil servants, judges, and soldiers in Germany from wearing full-face veils at work as part of security measures they call a “precaution” to prevent extremist attacks, which is a great example of the acceptance of the far-right agenda by a leader like Merkel according to Bayraklı.
According to Bayraklı, Islamophobia should be recognized as a crime. “As a matter of fact, Islamophobia is not something that depends on Muslims. It is Europe’s dominating powers’ problem to be solved. They should solve it. I am not the source of this problem as a Muslim. The source of the problem is them,” he said. (Say WHAT? If there were no Muslims there would be no Islamophobia)
Photo shows a mosque in Dresden, Germany one day after an improvised bomb destroyed the entrance.
950 Islamophobic incidents were reported in Germany across the country in 2017. This means that three people/institutions per day were attacked by xenophobic people/groups (Welt, 2018). (With the majority of the so-called ‘attacks’ being verbal abuse or graffiti)
One commenter on the video sarcastically states: “If only someone could discover a reason for anti-Islamic attitudes after almost 20 years of the war on terror and countless terror attacks and wars… It’s a mystery.”

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