Are the pathetic New York Mets so desperate to fill their stadium, they have to do this?

I wonder why Donald Trump kept silent on this matter and allowed it to take place in the first place.

The New York Mets Baseball Team hosted their first ever Muslim Night at their home stadium, Citi Field in NYC. Funny, I don’t remember the Mets ever having a Catholic Night or a Jewish Night or a Buddhist Night.

TheTealMango  The New York Mets vs. Florida Marlins baseball game began with a pre-game ceremony where over 800 Muslim were escorted (by counter-terrorism agents?) onto the field and received a free T-shirt and a HALAL meal courtesy of the NY Mets.
This was the first time in the history of Citi Field that barbarically-slaughtered halal meat was served, prayer space was provided for prayer in congregation and the azaan, the Islamic call to prayer, was announced.

Organized by the South Asian Sports Network, this event was geared towards making young Muslims in America feel safe and comfortable with their hyphenated-identity. Ammad Sheikh, founder of South Asian Sports Network, hoped to promote inclusion in the community as Muslim children are three times more likely to be bullied in school than others. (NO, they aren’t)
Sheikh’s goal was to show the community that Muslim are just the average joe with the same likes and dislikes. (NO, they aren’t. That’s why you never see any of them at regular baseball games)
Between 400,000 and 800,000 in the metro NYC area identify their religion as Islam.  But even with halal food and Islamic prayer at the stadium, they could only get 800.

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