STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES…Jihadi traitor demands better free housing and the UK government is trying to accommodate her.

She lived in hotels and B&Bs with her sons, aged five and nine, for 16 months at an enormous cost to the taxpayer before being moved to temporary accommodation in Brent, north London, The Sun reports.
In her High Court lawsuit, the woman maintained that the seven houses offered to her were not in the right location. But Judge Jennifer Eady ruled her human rights were not violated. However, the woman was granted anonymity.
She complained in court that private landlords had refused her as a tenant because of her criminal record. Yet, the woman – who is on benefits – turned down £5,000 from officials to pay for a deposit on a house, according to The Sun.

The woman’s husband fled the UK to become a jihadi fighter in 2013, Later returning to the country as a radicalized commander. The following year, she was jailed for 28 months for a terrorist offense. She was released in July 2015, but was jailed again after breaching her parole.
She demanded a council house after she was let out of prison, but turned down two one-bedroom houses in south London in 2016 because they were too small. She also rejected four two-bedroom homes – in Dulwich, Kidderminster and in Great Wryley in Staffordshire – because they were too far away from her family.
After being moved into temporary accommodation, she rejected two more offers. The mother-of-two is still perceived as dangerous by UK officers, as she must report to intelligence officials regularly and has been prohibited from using social media.

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