QUEBEC: Muslim crybabies and their useful idiots on the left protest the newly elected right wing government.


On Sunday, October 7th, hundreds of far-left and Muslim fundamentalist activists demonstrated together against the government of the newly elected CAQ Quebec Coalition.

Horizon Quebec Actuel  (h/t Francis F) Calling themselves ‘antiracists,’ a horde of Muslim invaders supported by Montreal’s radical left came out to scream their hatred against Quebec democracy in the streets of Montreal, revealing their utter contempt for Canadian institutions.
Vandalism of election signs, victimhood, shameless ignorance of history and intolerance toward Quebecers, reinforced the scale of disaster that Muslim migration has been for the country.  What upsets them the most is the CAQ plan to restrict the number of Muslim migrants and to prohibit public servants in positions of authority, including teachers, from wearing ostentatious Islamic religious symbols.

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