Will Denmark be the next EU nation to join the six who have already slammed the door on EU-mandated quotas for Muslim invaders posing as asylum seekers?


Danish Immigration and Integration Minister Inger Støjberg has rejected EU migrant quotas for 2018, saying that Muslim migrants do not want to integrate and do not contribute anything of value to Denmark.

The prime minister has said that while the government has made great strides in stemming mass Muslim migration, the country must now work to tackle the existence of Muslim-only welfare ghettos in which residents reject Danish values and “neither respect nor participate in our democracy”.
Breitbart  The Venstre party politician said that Denmark would not be opening the country’s borders to asylum seekers, saying: “Although we have gained significantly better control over the influx, we are still in the position that we are struggling to integrate the many Muslim migrants who have come to Denmark in recent years.”
Lately, however, thanks to changing policies which have cut welfare benefits in half, Muslim asylum seekers already in Denmark don’t want to stay there.

“Despite the fact that more refugees have come to work, there are still too many who do not support themselves. This applies especially to women, where too few contribute. That is why I have decided that Denmark should not take quota refugees in 2018,” Støjberg added, according to Jyllands-Posten.
The statement comes after the Danish government passed legislation allowing the immigration minister to set the number of asylum seekers that would be welcomed into the country each year.

The majority of Danes have said they back immigration proposals which would shift the focus of asylum policy to repatriating refugees when the conflict ends, rather than their integration into Denmark.
While serving as Integration and Immigration Minister, Støjberg has been among the European minister most critical of mass migration, advocating strongly for integration — including backing a newly proposed law which would require all migrants to shake hands with local government officials in order to gain citizenship.
When it was revealed that migrants were vastly overrepresented as perpetrators in rape cases, Støjberg commented: “It’s something we’ve seen through many years that crime rates are much higher in immigrant circles than they are among Danes.”

Prime minister of Denmark says the country must be “hermetically sealed” from Muslim migrants who want to live off taxpayers
“In my opinion, it is because we have been too scared to set out clear demands to the people coming to Denmark. We have not dared to say that we expect and demand that they provide for themselves and their families and that we expect them to adjust to Danish values,” she added.
Last year, Støjberg even said she was open to the idea of placing failed asylum seekers on deserted Danish islands, but noted there could be “legal challenges” to such a proposal.

The Local Denmark has already tightened the regulations concerning refugees in a number of areas. The Danish Parliament has passed a regulation to:

 Reduce the social benefits significantly. The social benefits for newly arrived refugees will be reduced by up to 50 percent.

The government will maintain and ensure that:

  •   Foreign nationals granted temporary protection in Denmark will not have the right to bring family members to Denmark during the first year.
  •   Foreign nationals can only be granted a permanent residence permit after 5 years at the earliest. Prior to this they risk having their residence permit revoked.
  •   In order to obtain a permanent residence permit in Denmark there are language requirements in terms of the ability to speak and understand the Danish language.
  •   When an application for asylum is regarded manifestly unfounded it is refused in accordance with a particularly expedited procedure.
  •   All rejected asylum seekers must be returned quickly from Denmark.
  •   There is a special return centre to ensure that rejected asylum seekers leave Denmark as quickly as possible.

After Denmark cut welfare benefits to migrants by 50%, they want to leave, preferring Sweden or Finland where the free stuff from the government is more generous. 

In video below, English starts at 0:07

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