THE WORM HAS TURNED! Jews in Germany join forces with the so-called “far-right” anti-Islamization party.


Considering that at least 70% of Jews around the world tend to be liberals or far leftists, some of whom have even supported the Muslim invasion of Europe, it comes as a surprise that there are Jews in Germany who actually support the ‘Alternative for Germany’ (AfD) party, known for its hardline stance against Muslim migration.

DW  The group, Juden in der AfD (“Jews in the AfD,” or JAfD), launches on Sunday in the city of Wiesbaden,
Not surprisingly, there are many Jewish organizations that have condemned this new Jewish group affiliated with the Alternative for Germany party (AfD). Of course, these are the same kinds of Jews who thought that ‘Hitler and the Nazis’ posed no imminent danger to them. Not unlike the leftist Jews of today, who deny that Muslim migration is the main reason for the stunning rise in anti-semitism across Europe.
The head of the AfD’s Christian organization, Joachim Kuhs, is to speak at the JAfD’s launch event, which about 20 “founding members” are expected to attend — though Kuhs downplayed the importance of the number.

“It doesn’t matter how many people turn up,” he told DW. “With the Christian group, we were around 20, and now we’re more than 10 times as many. These are people who have the courage to start it, and they are getting quite a lot of flak, and we support them and welcome it that they are organizing that.”
Kuhs said: “The AfD is not an anti-Semitic party; we do not tolerate any anti-Semitism in the party. If that arises, then these people are thrown out.”
He said the group’s founding statement pitches the AfD as a bulwark against the perceived anti-Semitism of “Muslim youths” in Germany. Kuhs claimed that anti-Semitism was rife in Arab countries. “It’s normal for them,” he said. “Why should they be different when they get here?”

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