Still think Muslim women should be allowed to wear traditional Islamic attire in the civilized world?


If you’re a shopkeeper, the answer must be a resounding “NO.” Islamic burqas and abayas are the perfect clothing for discreet shoplifting:

But any kind of long and baggy Islamic clothing will suffice:

You can cram a lot of stolen items under your hijab, too:

Burqa-clad Muslim women in groups should be banned from stores:

There’s no way to know if the thief in a burqa is a man or a woman:

I guess these women never heard about CCTV cameras in stores:

If you’re quick, you can even slip a large charity donation container under your bulky Muslim attire:

Cannot imagine how they managed to walk out of the store with these large items hidden under their clothing:

This isn’t just shoplifting, it’s a full scale jewelry store robbery carried out by a gang wearing burqas:

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