FRANCE: 19-year-old daughter of Marine Le Pen violently assaulted outside bowling alley, requiring her to be hospitalized.

The attack took place at the exit of a bowling alley at Nelson Mandela Square on Thursday night while she and her 18-year-old cousin were leaving. Two men aged 32 and 47 from Nanterre approached the two and physically assaulted them at around 2 am, hitting Le Pen’s daughter in the head, Le Parisien reports.

Marine Le Pen
Breitbart  The two are now in police custody. But no information on their motives has been communicated by the authorities. It is not known if they were aware of whom they assaulted, or if they acted at random.
(It is possible that because Marine Le Pen, a recent presidential right wing candidate and leader of the anti-Islamization Front National party, her daughter was targeted either by opposition party leftists or Muslims looking for revenge on her mother)
Investigators have so far not commented on the cause of the attack but the cousin of Ms Le Pen’s daughter has filed charges with police against the two men.
The incident provoked outrage from the former French presidential candidate who called the attack a “gratuitous aggression,” and added: “there was no fight … there was an assault, a gratuitous assault on two young people aged 18 and 19.”
“But this is not inevitable. This is, I believe, the consequence of political choices that have been made for a number of years,” she continued, saying her daughter was in a state of shock about the attack but that she was relieved the incident was not more serious.
France24  Le Pen’s party name, Front National, was changed to “Rassemblement national” — which can be translated as National Rally or National Gathering – and is designed to facilitate political alliances with like-minded factions.
What continues to draw the loudest applause whenever Le Pen speaks is the auditorium-shaking rumble of stomping feet that meets her tirades against delinquency and Muslim immigration, ancestral Front National themes. When Le Pen railed against state medical assistance for illegal aliens, many rose to their feet, chanting in unison “On est chez nous!”, a rough equivalent to “This land is our land.”

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