PREDICTION: Germany will become a totalitarian Islamic/African state in just two generations.

According to retired Major General Gerde Schultze-Rhonhof, at the current rate of Muslim and African immigration, both legal and illegal, German democracy will be destroyed as will the welfare state, which already is straining to support the 90% of Muslim migrants who don’t want to work or are unable to work.

Main problems include: The repatriation of illegal aliens and rejected asylum seekers does not work. The same holds true for criminal migrants who will never be repatriated. Police are unable to control the massive Muslim gang crime and violence. And illegal immigration will never be stopped because of Germany’s reluctance to control its external borders.

Vlad Tepesblog

What most people don’t realize is that Germany has been brainwashing its children with Muslim propaganda for a decade.

Voice of Europe  Recently we were we told about a German children’s program that was encouraging a relationship between a young German girl and a Muslim migrant of at least 25-years-old. But looking back at history the brainwashing started much earlier. According to a German source, this was a 2006 series about a woman who became Muslim and told her son that every child is a Muslim.

In another video, the recent knife murder of a young German girl by an Afghan migrant is downplayed as a romantic drama. It is another form of propaganda that ignores dangerous honor crimes within Muslim communities. Instead it focuses on the “dangers” of right-wing viewpoints and demonstrations.

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