GERMANY: 14-year-old student threatened, ridiculed, called “Nazi,” and disqualified from poetry competition for her poem which was critical of Muslim migrant violence.

Ida-Marie Müller wrote: “From far away, the man, with a mobile phone but no passport, got to Europe with the help of human traffickers. He arrived in our hallowed German land, and because he couldn’t get a woman, he helped himself to one with a knife.” 

Voice of Europe During a Poetry Slam in Speyer, Ida-Marie Müller a 14-year-old girl and daughter of an Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician, dared to ridicule the German welcome culture of the left and denounce Muslim refugee rapists all in one. Not only did she receive the most applause for her poem but would have won the competition because the winner was determined this way.
The left-wing organisers couldn’t have that, of course, and simply disqualified her, the obvious winner. She was barred from the award ceremony and another competitor was awarded first prize instead because a 14-year-old girl denouncing rape by people claiming to be asylum seekers is considered “Nazi propaganda.”
While the left has shown it doesn’t know the meaning of tolerance, what is happening to the family is hard to believe.  One of the city officials accused her of “Spiritual arson and fuelling fears.” Even the Mayor Monika Kabs(CDU) had to share her two cents on the event and accused Müller of using the Poetry Slam as a platform for the AfD.
Facebook banned Benajmin Haupt the District Association Chairman of the AfD for posting video of her in the competition. It didn’t stop there though. Their house was defaced by vandals spray-painting “Nazi” and “F*ck AfD” on the walls.
Instead of standing up for her freedom of speech some left-wing media like the BBC further fueled this hatred and called her and her poem racist.

Amy Mek@AmyMek

14yr-old feminist daughter of an Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician performed an “anti-rape” poem referencing a stabbing by “refugees”

Media & Libs labeled her a “Right-Wing Racist” & “Nazi” for daring to speak of attacks on women in Germany – the girls home was vandalized

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