SHARIA-COMPLIANT ITALY? Classic nude statues are being covered up so as not to be offensive to Muslims.


The statue of Epaminondas, a historic Theban general and statesman, was covered with a blanket as to not offend Muslims. Also other works were censored as well, The European Post reports.

Voice of Europe (h/t Maurice)  Several works of art in the Italian palace of Savona took part in an exposition of the Italian artist Mario Capelli. But because of a conference of Italy’s Islamic Confederation at the same location, some art works of the exposition had to be censored because they were ‘too nude’.
Besides the statue, a painting of a woman washing herself was also reportedly removed after the inspection of a Muslim delegation. The author of the art piece denounced the censorship on his Facebook page.

According to newspaper Il Giornale, Capelli said: “Let’s be clear, Epaminondas was covered by Muslims for their ceremonial requirements, I removed the picture at their request, the administration has no fault”
But the Islamic community denies all accusations: “We didn’t ask to remove the picture also because we wouldn’t have seen it and we put a cover on the statue to reconstruct the ancient tea ceremony and used a background to symbolise the desert dunes for the photographs,” says Lahcen Chamseddine president of the Islamic community of Liguria.
Right-wing politician and presumptive next prime minister, Matteo Salvini replied to the case on his Facebook page: “Does this only sounds crazy to me?” he said.
Salvini’s followers agree with him and some are enraged: “Do we have to censor our art for them??? They are crazy!!!! Come on Salvini, we need you!!! Don’t give up, a lot of things need to be changed and only you can do that.. migration, the law!!! Apart from the leftists who sell-out Italy!!!!!” a female followers says

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