IN EUROPE, Terrorists are now identified by officials and the mainstream media in a number of covert ways.


Let’s see, in the latest knife attack on three women in France who were assaulted at knifepoint Sunday afternoon in Mulhouse Train Station, the attacker is identified in various media sources as “knifeman,” “unbalanced,” “attacker,” “young male,” “man with mental issues,” a man known to police,” “unstable,” and “young male.”

The police know the man’s name, yet don’t provide it, which means that his name would reveal his protected (Muslim) status, in my opinion.
According to France Bleu, (h/t Richard S) Three women were assaulted by a man known to policeHe first planted a knife in the back of a traveler, who was accompanied by her 10 year old daughter. The mother was wounded in the chest. He then attacked a second woman, who was hit in the hand. The third woman was assaulted had time to escape. Only his clothes were torn. She was not injured.
Also in France, Interior Minister Gerard Collomb told reporters the attacker had “serious psychiatric problems”, and said the attack was not being treated as terrorism. The attacker, said to be in his 30s, reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the rampage, and was shot dead by police after the assault in a residential street.
According to the Daily Mail, the assailant stabbed three women in the French city of Mulhouse on Sunday at around 3pm – with one of the victims being knifed in the throat.
The attacker, said to be a ‘young male’, then fled the scene of the attack before being chased down by police and arrested. He was also said to have been known to police and was suffering from a ‘mental disorder’.  All three women are undergoing treatment but it is currently unclear how serious their injuries are.
According to RT, the suspect was apparently “known” to the police prior to the incident. The man fled the scene, yet he was promptly apprehended by law enforcement. The suspect is described as an “unstable” individual and was sent by police for a psychiatric check.

GERMANY: Green Party leader wants Muslim migrants who will feel at home living off the taxpayer-funded German welfare system.


Does she actually think there are any other kind coming into Germany now?

The speaker with the suggestive name of Katrin “Göring”-Eckardt is part of the German Green Leader-team, member of the German Bundestag and very much in lock-step with Angela Merkel when it comes to the suicidal Merkel Migration Policies of open borders. As she says in this clip: she wants the millions of illegal “Merkel-Guests” to feel right at home in the German “Social Welfare System.” Never mind that 40 % of German Senior Citizens live under the poverty line, eat in Soup Kitchens and have to collect discarded bottles to make ends meet.

Leftist feminazis marching in London consider America, Eastern Europe, & Brazil the “fascist” enemy. Not Islam!

Apparently, they have decided that the world is in danger from “fascist” leaders like Trump in America and the anti-Muslim migration leaders in Eastern Europe and Brazil. I guess Britain will have to join the all-European Army that French President Emmanuel Macron has proposed because of the growing “threat from the United States.”

BRITAIN: After more than 100,000 signatures on a petition against the UN Global Migration Pact, UK lawmakers must now reconsider the decision to sign onto it.


British Members of Parliament will consider an official petition against the United Nations Global Compact for Migration after it received 115,817 signatures opposed to it.

UN Global Migration Pact forces countries to open their border to anyone and everyone at anytime
Breitbart  The British government is committed to issuing an official response to any petition which reaches 10,000 signatures — although it has left the UN compact petitionunanswered for 12 days now — while petitions which break the 100,000 signature mark must be considered by Parliament’s Backbench Business Committee for a full debate.
Hugely controversial for provisions which allegedly make migration a universal human right and expand the definition of hate speech to include criticism of mass migration, a large number of countries have already pulled out of the compact.

Leaders from more than 10o countries are due to ratify the treaty in Marrakesh Dec. 10 – 11 during a UN-hosted ‘Migration Week’, which will welcome up to 6,000 participants from intergovernmental organizations as well as “all relevant stakeholders, including civil society, the private sector, academic institutions, parliaments, diaspora communities and migrant organisations”.
In the United Kingdom, despite the prominence of mass migration and the public’s concern over it in the national discourse in recent years — and despite the Tory government having made unfulfilled pledges to reduce net immigration “from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands” in three successive elections — the compact has barely registered in the mainstream media, perhaps as a result of Brexit dominating the news-scape.

The petition rapidly acquiring over 100,000 signatures despite the near-total lack of coverage, almost entirely through online word-of-mouth and grassroots activism, therefore seems highly significant — especially with the embattled prime minister due to sign the compact in Morocco just days before a seminal vote on her “deal” with the European Union, in which she looks set to go down to a historic defeat.
The Global Compact is also increasingly embattled in the European Union, despite being championed by the bloc’s High Representative and largely devised by the government of Angela Merkel in Germany, its dominant state — with most of the anti-mass migration, pro-sovereignty governments of Central and South-Eastern Europe having pulled out.
Out in front was the United States under the pro-borders administration of President Donald Trump, which deemed the compact “simply not compatible with U.S. sovereignty” back in Dec. 2017.

This is not an official list, but as of today, from the information I have, the following countries have indicated they will NOT be signing onto the Global Migration Pact.

United States
Czech Republic
Dominican Republic


See more on this topic here: UN Global Migration Pact

If France had been wise and elected Marine Le Pen, it wouldn’t be facing the imminent disaster of having its leader sign on to the UN Global Migration Pact.


Listen to what Le Pen has to say about the pact. And keep in mind, one of the main reasons that tens of thousands of French citizens are continuing to protest in the streets of Paris involves the ever-increasing taxes the government wants to impose, much of which goes toward supporting the never-ending flood of illegal alien Muslim freeloaders.

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