FRANCE: Apparent blackout of media coverage of thwarted Islamic terrorist attack that was targeting kindergarten children and police.

No English language media coverage anyway. Not a word about this on Google either. According to the report in the French video below, the Muslim terrorist was a huge admirer of Mohamend Merah, the Muslim terrorist who murdered 3 soldiers and 4 people at a Jewish school in Toulouse in 2012.

France has endured a seemingly endless series of attacks and near-misses from Muslim terrorists with the same background. Merah was the model they hoped to imitate and surpass. Beginning with the Merah attack in 2012, Islamic extremists — most of them homegrown — have killed nearly 250 people in France, far more than anywhere else in Western Europe.

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U.S. Media Silence!

Major Terror Attack in France against KINDERGARTENERS & Police Thwarted.

The Terrorist confessed he was going to first take the children hostage & slaughter police who came to save them.

Police & Media want you to know the Jihadi suffered from “depression”.

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Muslim plane passenger throws a hissy fit when he thinks the sandwich he ordered has ham in it.

The WizzAir flight attendant patiently tries to explain to the Muslim man that the meat in his sandwich is “turkey ham,” which means it is made out of turkey only, with NO pork products. This sent him into a furious rant – branding the flight attendant a ”stupid, fucking bitch ” and “fucking slut.” (Typical of Muslims when they don’t get their way)

Newsflare  The Muslim cabbie from Hampstead in north London was flying from Skopje in Macedonia to Luton Airport when he ordered a euro roll and a bottle of water. But mid-way through eating the turkey ham sandwich he said it “didn’t taste like turkey” – and flew into a rage when he when he saw the packaging labeled with the word turkey “ham.”

What else besides the millions of Facebook Muslim smiley faces cheering the Notre Dame Cathedral fire aren’t French media reporting?


Don’t think it is such a far-fetched idea. There’s even a book about it:

Remnant Newspaper In The Mosque of Notre Dame, set in 2048, Muslims from Arabia and middle Europe have taken over the governments of Western Europe and locked down the countries under Sharia Law—minarets, burkas, and all.
Picture Paris’s l’Arc de Triomphe as the staging ground for the stoning of wine makers. Imagine the Louvre bare and stripped of all of it works of art. And consider the grand cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris converted into a Mosque, complete with his ’n’ hers footbaths. (By the way, the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome has been flattened and turned into a garbage dump.)
How did this nightmare become the reality in the motherland of civilization? A lack of faith and lack of fight left the old lands of Christendom defenseless against massive, calculated immigration into a timid West that has grown too selfish to stand up for itself.
The Mosque of Notre Dame fixes  blame for the Muslim takeover right where it belongs: on the failure of the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church to evangelize—and in particular, the failure of post-Vatican II Church leaders to assert the Church’s unique claim on the truth.
The book was written by Elena Chudinova, a Russian, who is a Traditionalist Catholic from Moscow. It has enjoyed great success in the “front-line” nations where Islam and the West are colliding. Originally published in Russian in 2006, it has been translated into French, Serbian, Polish, Bulgarian, Turkish, and Norwegian. The first American edition appears finally here in 2015, published by Michael Matt’s The Remnant Press.

AUSTRALIA:” If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land”

Not so fast, buddy. An Islamic group claiming it’s exempt from Australian law has just found out it is not. Two brothers linked to an extremist Islamic group in Sydney have been convicted of contempt of court and fined more than $100,000 after claiming they were “exempt” from Australian law.

Daily MailBrothers Mustapha and Diaa Kara-Ali illegally cleared land and developed on a bush block in Sydney’s north west, claiming the Islamic spiritual group they ran on the property was exempt from Australian law.

The NSW Land and Environment Court heard Mustapha Kara-Ali and his brother Diaa Kara-Ali had a “religious issue with the court” and had ignored court orders to cease construction at a site in Colo in north-west Sydney, for which they did not have development consent.
Mustapha Kara-Ali, described as the Imam or spiritual leader of fringe Islamic group Diwan Al Dawla, told the court it was “religiously repugnant and obscene” to be ordered by Hawkesbury City Council to do or not do anything on the land, as it related to “a matter of religious practice”.
He claimed the council was trying to “coerce us” by using the courts and it amounted to an “outright violation of our religious freedom” because the court was not a “secular body”. Justice Terence Sheahan’s orders were ignored and the brothers appeared at Sydney’s Land and Environmental Court on Thursday where they were convicted of 12 counts of contempt of court.

The brothers escaped a jail term but instead were fined $100,000. According to the ABC, the men were seen shouting and heckling before being handed the fine.
The pair’s lawyer ordered the men to leave the courtroom and to return once they had calmed down and were ready to be quiet. When leaving the court, Mustapha Kara-Ali claimed ‘religious persecution’ and said: ‘our religion is a crime’. (DING! DING! DING! He gets the prize)
The Lebanese-born siblings claimed they were exempt from Australian laws due to their spiritual group, Diwan al Dawla was a religious charity. Subsequently the pair refused to abide by court orders to demolish buildings and repair the damage they had already done.

In December, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), revoked the charity status of the Diwan Al Dawla guild. Diwan Al Dawla was registered by the ACNC on 21 October 2016 with the purpose of ‘advancing religion and social or public welfare.’
The brothers were also accused of trapping a man who had delivered court documents on the property by padlocking the gates while he was inside. During sentencing on Thursday Justice Sheahan described their contempt of court as ‘flagrant’. The pair would also be fined $2,000 for every month after June they spent failing to fix the Colo property.

ARSON JIHAD? One week before Notre Dame blaze, historic church in Canada was burned to the ground.

A fire last Tuesday night destroyed St. James Anglican Church in the village of Roseneath. The cause of the fire has deemed “suspicious” – as it is the third such fire in the area in the last month.

Global News  The Office of the Ontario Fire Marshal has been called to Church Road to investigate an overnight blaze which destroyed the St. James Anglican Church — an active building which was erected in 1863 about 1.5 kilometres north of the village of Roseneath.
The cause of the fire remains under investigation but is considered suspicious in nature, the third such fire in less than a month.
“The fact of the time of night, an unoccupied building and without any reason it starts on fire — and based on the history of other two fires — we’ve contacted the Ontario Fire Marshal’s office,” said Alnwick/Haldimand fire chief Mark Diminie.

BREAKING: Holy Week Massacre by Muslim terrorist in Spain averted by police

Spanish police arrest Muslim terrorist from Morocco for the planned massacre of thousands of Christians who come out to attend the Semana Santa Holy Week parade in Andalucia.

TheOlivePress (h/t Maria J) The unnamed Moroccan Muslim was cuffed by an anti-terrorism operation in Morocco after reportedly plotting to carry out an attack in the Andalucian capital. Policia Nacional, who ran the joint operation with police in Morocco, are raiding his home as the investigation develops.
 It comes after Spain’s interior ministry agreed to ramp up security efforts last week. More resources were given to anti-terrorism cops while extra numbers have been called in to monitor the Easter parades.

Each major city in the country is receiving additional and catered security measures. These mainly include extra numbers at transport hubs, religious monuments and at events with a large amounts of people.
Sevilla’s Semana Santa is one of the most massively attended Christian religious events in the world with well over one million joining the parades.
UPDATE  A 23-year-old man has been arrested in Morocco, in a joint anti-terrorist operation with Spain, over an alleged plan to attack Spain’s Holy Week festivities.
The suspect’s name is Zouhair el Bouhdidi and he is a student at the University of Seville. According to police sources in Spain, the young man was preparing an imminent attack against the processions of Holy Week in Seville, one of the most important events of the Catholic calendar. According to the newspaper El Confidencial, el Bouhdidi has already confessed to the Moroccan police his plans to commit a “large-scale massacre” in the Andalusian city. The Spanish secret services had reportedly been following him for several weeks.